What is SEKOIA doing ?

Discover how SEKOIA.IO will help to protect your business.

Is it a SOC ?

Yes ! but overtaking the limit


Bring your cyber defense at the pace of the threats thanks to automation.


Exploit CTI feeds to bring context and knowledge to each alerts and threats.


Increase your SIEM with real-time event detection and our Managed Detection and Response team.
No constraints

Simple and convenient

The services we provide are on demand, with very limited engagement and at a price that defies all expectations. No need to hire a bunch of IT experts to form and deploy a SOC at your own expenses. Opt for an external SOC that is specifically designed to integrate and adapt to you company's need.
Augmented capacities

Real time Intelligence

SEKOIA.IO offers a real time Cyber Threats Intelligence that is contextualized, actionable and can detect the presence of known threats on your information system as soon as the threat is added to our CTI database.

Efficient support

Our team of highly-qualified operators, analysts and experts works hard to provide a personalized and immediate support as we guarantee an outstanding velocity during the detection, reaction, prevention and reporting phase.

In a nutshell

SEKOIA.IO for the users

Constant upgrade

Exploit automation at it's full potential and constantly upgrade your cyber defense strategy. Detect instantly, consolidate with accurate knowledge, remediate efficiently.

Enhance efficiency...

Benefit from CTI and save time on your threat detection and analysis.

...At a new pace

Thanks to the automation of alerts responses and IOC sharing, we guarantee a faster and more intelligent reaction to cyber threats.
What assets ?


SEKOIA.IO is sized to your scale by design and adapts to your evolution, whether you choose to increase or reduce the perimeter you want to protect.


Our teams are able to integrate any data source you may have, quickly and for free.


SEKOIA.IO is an all-in-one & autonomous infrastructure, with real-time based event detection & response.


Share IOCs, cooperate at a large scale and benefit from SEKOIA CTI and MDR expertise.

Intelligence Center

SEKOIA.IO uses Cyber Threat Intelligence to automate cybersecurity operations with accuracy. At SEKOIA, we consider CTI as a capital part of cyber defense. SEKOIA.IO manipulates indicators and observables from various proprietary and open-source format for real-time confrontation with data.

Operation Center

SEKOIA.IO Operation Center is based on a simple and efficient virtuous loop
1 - Collect data from all your log sources,
2 - Enrich and consolidate data with CTI
3 - Detect threats and decide a course of action
4 - Remediate

Start right now

. 7 days free trial period
. Delivered in SAAS mode, no in house deployment. Interoperable with existing tools
. Simple and standardized languages for detection rules
. Instantly operational