Detect with SEKOIA.IO

Detect with SEKOIA.IO
Focus on what really matters
SEKOIA.IO tracks down every trace of a threat across all your cloud and on-premises environments. Driven by Threat Intelligence and business specific rules, SEKOIA.IO detects policy violations and the tools, techniques and processes used by attackers in real-time.
USE CASE : Real Time Detection to protect 100's of ships worldwide
SEKOIA.IO instantly identifies and analyzes cyber threats facing sensitive container ships. Upon detection, SEKOIA.IO guides the on-board crew through the remediation process automatically.
USE CASE : Optimize security team efficiency in a highly sensitive environment
Some clients are facing advanced threats that target their cyber environments every week. The quality of the detection and qualification of incidents offered by SEKOIA.IO helps our most exposed clients to regain some time and serenity to focus on what really matters.
Today’s cyber defenders find themselves at a disadvantage despite technological advances in cyber defense. Among the main causes of this disadvantage is the asymmetry in a cyber conflict in favor of the attacker (through efficient use of automation). As a result, today’s prevailing cyber defense approaches need to use scalable and continuously improving Cyber Threat Intelligence to counteract the attacker's agility and automation.
To win the battle, SEKOIA.IO focuses its detection on Threat Knowledge, mining this knowledge from a cutting-edge detection and remediation platform, empowered by Cloud architecture, performance and flexibility.

Instantly Crunch data from Multi-Cloud, On-Premises and SaaS sources to Detect and Respond to Attacks, Compromises and Frauds.

SEKOIA.IO is compatible with all your cloud and on-premises integrations, whether they are major providers or Open Source solutions. We believe in agility so we constantly develop new integrations to meet your needs.

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