Automate with SEKOIA.IO

Automate with SEKOIA.IO
Empower your security operations team with machine-speed decision making
Given the increased number and sophistication of attacks, manual validation of all cyber defense operations cannot meet the operational needs of our growing infrastructures. SEKOIA.IO provides an innovative automation module to assist and empower your security operations team.
Orchestrate your ecosystem
Security automation improves cyber operations by consolidating the use of technologies and processes in playbooks. Security teams often have many tools and approaches for detecting and investigating threats. The automation intertwines all of these tools, processes, and people to collectively speed up the execution of cyber security responses and ensure their repeatability and auditability.
SEKOIA.IO includes automation capabilities to orchestrate the execution of different cyber security tools and products. In this scenario, SEKOIA.IO monitors and executes the response actions to reach business and/or operational objectives.
Allow human integration at the right level
Automation increases the speed of cyber operations and improves the effectiveness of human defenders by placing them “on-the-loop” rather than “in-the-loop” of cyber security operations.
Drag-and-drop your cybersecurity processes
Create your own playbook or start from a community playbook to build your own process. Use the SEKOIA.IO web interface to interconnect your tools and implement your scenarios. Configure the execution of your playbooks with manual and automatic triggers based on any number of cyber-events.
Use case: Automating Alert Triage
SEKOIA.IO playbooks can automatically analyze and investigate all SIEM alerts and perform rapid, fully automated triage after assessing multiple factors.
Use case: Automating Hunting
Use SEKOIA.IO to automatically execute hunting processes to scan your events history for new indicators produced by your favorite trackers.
Screenshot workflow threat response automation orchestration
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