Anticipate with SEKOIA.IO

Anticipate with SEKOIA.IO
Know the cyber threats and adversaries targeting your organization
SEKOIA.IO produces real time contextualized and actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence to anticipate and detect cyber attacks.
Use case: CISO
Delivers a comprehensive and accurate reporting and assessment of the evolving cyber threat landscape, enabling the organization to adapt its defensive posture, raise the awareness of top management and make informed budget decisions.
Use case: SOC teams
Increases detection and response capabilities and provides a threat-driven context for SOC operators and analysts. Reduces false-positives and "Alert Fatigue". Integrates enriched data in real-time into SIEM, IPS/IDS systems or proxies.
Threats are rising in number and sophistication in the fast-evolving cyber landscape. Targeted or opportunistic, driven by financial, espionage or sabotage motives, cyber attacks no longer spare any organisation. To successfully defend our clients against cyber threats, we have developed a proactive posture to anticipate attacks.
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) has become critical to identify, study and better understand cyber threats including the perpetrators, their associated tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs).
FLINT: Threat Intelligence Flash Report
The SEKOIA Threat Intelligence Flash Report (FLINT) keeps you up to date on the latest cyber threats and critical vulnerabilities affecting your industry with in-depth analysis, IOCs and courses of actions. FLINT is emailed daily and is available through the SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center web portal and feed.
Intelligence center
The SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center portal provides you with all valuable strategic, tactical and technical STIX2.1-compatible cyber threat intelligence produced by the SEKOIA Threat & Detection Research (TDR) Team. It includes the latest FLINT reports, campaigns, malware and threat actor profiles, their TTPs mapped to MITRE ATT&CK and their contextualized technical indicators.

Empower your Cyber Security Operations

The SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center API enables you to integrate our actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence into your existing cybersecurity tools.
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