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Multi profiles

One user can participate to multiple communities and he benefits from them in his applications. The combination of your different profiles optimizes your daily tasks.

Get job done

Different tasks/jobs mean different applications in SEKOIA.IO. The interaction between applications makes daily job much faster and also provides actionable inputs for your peers.

User control

In SEKOIA.IO, each data gets a data owner. You can access the data from your communities and you can decide what to do with the data you own

Central place

A security organization is composed of different people with different skills and working on different tasks. Their needs are different. SEKOIA.IO gives access to multiple applications for multiple usage. Everyone gets exactly what he needs.

Value creation

All the value generated by organization members into the different applications benefits to other organization members using data sharing. SEKOIA.IO is a unique way to create valuable interactions between very different people working internally.

Immediate ROI

SEKOIA.IO is a security marketplace. You can start and stop new applications. When activated, they are immediately available for your members and they immediately access your dataset. The billing of used applications is centralized for easier budget management.




SEKOIA.IO is a security marketplace with a list of security applications. When you plug a new application, users can immediately activate it and use it. An application details its features so that users can check your strong points easily.

Time to market

For startups and innovative security products, SEKOIA.IO allows to forget about hard business steps such as product customer acquisition, communication or even billing. The development goes faster since you don’t have to worry about scalability, storage or front end complexity.

Apps interactions

SEKOIA.IO can be used as a broker for many messages circulating between applications. Some messages are immediately actionable by other applications. This allows a very convenient user experience.


You activate the applications you need and they automatically interact each others

Threat intelligence
Dedicated MISP
Viral Studio
Malware analysis
Forensics investigation
Vulnerability scanner
Cyber surveillance


Security Professional
Security Manager

The marketplace in SEKOIA.IO allows security professionals to choose exactly the solution they need. You work in a CERT, you can use an incident handling application. You work in a SOC, you can use an alerting application. You are a CISO, you get your dashboard on security activities. Etc.
Everything is made to provide relevant information to the user : you get context, you can pivot around data. Everything you produce or consume is valuable for all your organization.

David Bizeul CTO at Sekoia
SEKOIA.IO has been made for you. It’s a combination of different ideas and solutions to fill the security issues we have observed. We make your job faster, easier and give it sense into your organization. The feature list is impressive and we really think this is all the security sphere is needing today.

Imagine this simple use-case : you are a threat hunter. You identify a new threat using your preferred application made for threat hunters. Severall other applications inform you that this threat is relating to a previous attack. All the indicators relating to this threat are automatically sent to a feed application made for SOC teams. The SOC manager says thank you because an alert has been triggered with your hunt.
You think you’re dreaming? No, that’s just what SEKOIA.IO is made for.



Easy billing & Payment
Community sharing
Dataset control
One-stop shop
Hosted in EU


Docker Inside
Real time events
Micro services
Big data
Reliable Hosting
Apps interactions
Standard compliance


Made by security experts
No tracking
Data privacy by design
Authentication tokens
Multi layer security
Private dataset
Application permissions